Intuitive Development (through Energy Awareness)

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Intuitive Development (through energy awareness)

*29 Lessons with audios, presentations, pictures and atunement meditations

Intuitive development course is an e-course designed for you who would like to learn more about your intuition, outside of body senses, subtle energies, how to read energies, how to understand the physiology of the energies that exist beyond what the human eyes can see or perceive; and help you open up or develop your capacity to exercise your third-eye, your inner seeing.
This course is designed both through video and written material shared with you along the journey. The Intuitive Development course is built upon theoretical knowledge of a unique framework tested but also through experience. In other words, you will be able to listen to the material and/or read as many times as you wish and practice along the journey from the very start.
This course is perfect if you have gone through any sort of spiritual awakening, break-up, want to break free from old or family patterns, such as self-sabotage, self-blame, anxiety, fears; if you are HSP (high-sensitive person), empath, if you have experienced abusive relationships, heartaches; and if you want to find your purpose or even heal different patterns. We will go through information and practice so you can discover what is controlling you and what may lie beyond this timeline and dimension as well;
If you are curious to learn about your intuition and your inner wisdom, taking back your power and control of your life, improving your relationships, learning to align your energy so that you can manifest greater things in life, create healthier relationships, abundance, manifest true love, better health, this course is also perfect for you and your personal development.

Level: All levels. You can have started your journey on intuitive development and psychic awareness; but you may as well want to start a new from now. You will learn a great deal by taking this course either way.

What is unique about this course in our school of healing and intuitive development?
This course is designed both through evidence-based knowledge and experience from books and other courses I have taken but also from my own experience, teaching experience, coaching practice over a decade with psychic and mediumship readings, astral travel, starseed contacts etc. Through the meditations herein, there is also an attunement to higher levels of energies in your physical self. A higher level of energies entail an enhanced perception of your situations, experiences, life, life purpose, relationships, karmic lessons, choices, decision-making process, manifestations, overall health, professional life and career, business development etc.


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To acquire a Diploma, you will be requested to go through a soul reading.

Topics for this course

29 Lessons30h

Intuition and Spiritual Awakening?

You will learn more about spiritual awakening, what happens, what happens beyond your body and what you are opening yourself to, understand beyond your physical senses and the different processes one may go through.
Intuition Challenge00:00:00
Intuition Challenge 200:00:00
Intuition Challenge 300:00:00

Physical and non-physical energies (energy anatomy)?

You will learn the energy anatomy of things and yourself beyond your physical senses

Detect imbalances and correct them?

You will learn how to identify your energies, imbalances and correct them

Energy Programs and 3D control mechanisms?

You will learn about different 3D energy programs in your energy system that may stop you from embodying your true energy essence, stop your manifestation, block your intuition and not receive what you are worthy of

Intuition as decision-making?

Decision making can be done out of books, research, past experience etc. But you can also benefit from knowing how to use your intuition and knowing how to collect information from other sources and tap into energies; knowing how to translate them and use them properly. It becomes then possible to read energies beyond time, space and place. You will learn about energy reading here that will help you on your decision-making process, not matter if you are using the knowledge and the tools for making business decisions, career-related decisions, healing relationships, deciding about relationships and your health.

The Energy Anatomy of Relationships?

Here you will learn about the energy anatomy of relationships so you can improve your relationships, be able to perceive energies, heal and expand, find true love etc.

BONUS: 3 secrets to stop stressing – step into your power?

this is a bonus masterclass: 3 secrets to stop stressing - step into your power. You will learn more about stress and your energy, business and how to overcome energy health challenges

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